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Every parent wants their kids to well in their studies and their life. But in today’s world, there are a lot of distractions for students. Kids can lose their ways in this virtual world. Vastu plays an important role for kids to increase their concentration and memory power. Vastu helps children to achieve academic excellence. With the presence of modern technologies like mobile, television computers or laptops parents face a tough time trying for their kids to settle down and focus on their studies. You can follow these simple but excellent Vastu tips for students for better performance.

26 Effective Vastu Tips for Students


  • The study room is a place where one should sit and learn peacefully and concentrate on study. This room should be located in the proper place and proper direction. The ideal direction to build a children’s room is West of the South-West.
  • The gate of the study room should be in the East or North direction. According to Vastu for child education, these directions have a positive effect on the student’s mind.
  • Vastu tips for success in studies state that studying and learning facing East direction is ideal for the school students.
  • According to Vastu tips for students, the color of the study room must be light and soothing like orange, yellow or green. It provides the perfect ambiance for the study. Avoid dark colors because they can depress students.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, green color is most advisable as it increases creativity in the child. It also represents peace, greenery & freshness.
  • The ideal place for book almirah is in the West of the South-west. The book almirah should never be placed in the South, South-east, or the South-west direction. The bookshelves should be nicely arranged and organized.
  • The student room should be clutter-free and tidy. According to Vastu for child education, a messy and dirty room can bring confusion in student’s minds.
  • The children’s room should not be below the toilet or a beam or stairs because it can bring unnecessary strain to the student’s mind.
  • Always keep windows in the study room so that there is always the presence of natural light and air. According to Vastu tips for students, if the student room is dirty and dimly lit, it can slow down studies.
  • According to study table Vastu the table should be of regular shapes like rectangle or square. An irregular shape table can bring confusion and it can be hard to concentrate.
  • Avoid keeping the study table against a wall. According to Vastu tips for success in studies, there should be always free space in front of a child, it encourages fresh ideas and a new approach in the student’s mind. It can also increase the length of the study session.
  • Always keep your study table neat and clean. Don’t keep too many books on the table. Books should be kept on bookshelves. True Vastu advice for the study table says the cluster on the study table can create heavy pressure so try to avoid it.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, it is ideal to use a study lamp while studying. The study lamp should be placed on the left-hand side of the study table.
  • The ideal direction for placing student beds is North-west. There should be a few inches gap between the bed and walls. Don’t place the bed directly opposite the door as the massive energy from the door can disturb the focus and the peace of the student.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, children should sleep with their heads facing the East direction. In this way their mind is clear and it also enhances their skills.
  • The children can keep a picture like a rising sun, flowing river, or motivational quotes such pictures can bring positive energy and enhance student performance. Avoid puzzles or sad pictures in the room.
  • While studying the shadow of the student should not fall on the table. According to Vastu Shastra, it creates confusion and increases pressure.
  • Don’t keep mirrors or television in the study room student will not be able to focus on study. Never face an empty wall while studying as it brings distraction.
  • You can keep plants in the room like money plants. Place it in the East direction near the window. According to Vastu tips for students’ plants bring positive energy.
  • According to Vastu for student room never keep broken furniture, outdated calendars, defective calculators, or leaky pens in the room as it can create negativity and unnecessary pressure.
  • Keep the toilet doors close in the children’s room or study room. According to Vastu Shastra, it brings negative energy and tension.
  • The children should never sleep or sit under the beam of light. Vastu Shastra states it can cause high pressure and stress for student and disturb their studies.
  • Place the wall clock in the East or North direction. You can also keep an Education Tower and Globe on the study table as it can balance the energy and enhance memory.
  • The study room should have adequate ventilation and light so try to keep the window and doors in the proper position for cross ventilation.
  • Always keep the center of the children’s room empty. According to Vastu Shastra, it helps to ensure the free flow of energy. Never eat anything on the study table as it brings negativity.
  • The trophies and certificates won by the student should be placed in the South direction. According to Vastu tips for students, it encourages the student to achieve more.