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Romantic relationships occupy a special place in our lives. It is a feeling of compassion that includes love, affection, and connection. Two people come together to share their lives and maintain a relationship of support, care, adaptation, understanding, sacrifice, and much more. Finding true love is never an easy task for anyone in this world.

For people who are single, a new day can bring both hope and fear. To be in a relationship, the most important thing is to have an unbreakable bond with your significant other. Since the feeling of love, or being loved, is one of the integral aspects of living, each individual seeks it to enrich it in their lives and strengthen his/her relationships.

Vastu can really help you cultivate love and improve compatibility in relationships, especially in your married life. It can do a wonderful job when it comes to finding true love, as it helps to spark romance in your life and awaken deep emotional feelings.

Here are a few Vastu tips to lighten up your love life from TrueVastu:

  • For a happy married life, clarity of thought between the couples is very important. To ensure this, shades of blue or purple should be used in the northeast direction. The northeast corner of the room should never be cluttered, and a master bedroom facing southeast, should be strictly avoided.
  • The kitchen of the house must be constructed in the southeast direction as it makes the couple physically and mentally stable, and there should be something of orange colour in this direction. In short, it is known as the feminine power center of Vastu, which is vital for a happy and romantic life. Venus is the lord of the direction And Venus represents married life.
  • Ensure that the bedroom is never located in the east-southeast area, as this can cause marital problems. Instead, keep a mixer in this area to make decisions easier in your life. Master bedroom should never be south. The room must be square or rectangular and must not have an awkward layout with sharp corners.
  • Avoid choosing metal beds, as they interrupt sleep cycles and create tension between the pair. Choose a single or queen-sized bed and strictly avoid the practice of joining two beds or mattresses. The exact location of the bed in the master bedroom should be south or southwest, but never in the middle, as this can again lead to conflicts between the couple.
  • The colors of the walls of the house should be light and soft. It is necessary to remove the blue color from the southwest area to intensify the love in your relationship. The atmosphere should remain attractive, and this can be ensured by using the pink or peach color in the southwest direction.
  • Do not put a mirror in the bedroom. The bigger the mirror, the greater the possibility of stress in the marital relationship, which in turn can cause health issues, lack of energy, or tiredness. If there is a mirror in the room, it should never face the bed and, if it does face the bed, it should be covered with a sheet. Also, do not place a mirror in front of the bedroom door.
  • Avoid keeping any electronic device like Computers, Laptops, or TVs in the bedroom. But it is a pitfall of modern life, so cover up these devices with something like a sheet or cloth at night.
  • To maintain a successful and wealthy love life, ensure that there are no single identity decoration pieces like a single duck or a single butterfly in the area. Keep them in a pair as this symbolizes love. In other words, a pair of pigeons, lovebirds, or ideal pairs should be preferred.
  • TrueVastu also suggests you to place a soft or pastel coloured lampshade for the lighting of the room. Spreading of pink or light coloured sheets with floral designs is recommended.
  • Ensure that there are no images of terrifying animals, humans, or gods placed on the wall. Instead, place a picture of your loved one, preferably in the northwest of your home.
  • Never place water objects like plants or aquariums in the bedroom. We recommend placing indoor plants, white flowers in the north corner, and purple or red roses in the southwest corner to enhance relationships.
  • Never place the Pooja room in the bedroom and ensure that the doors of the toilet (if attached with the bedroom) must remain closed.
  • The corners of the bedroom should not have windows or doors, as this will introduce negative energy, Also, ensure the bedroom furniture does not have sharp edges and the bed should be made of wood only.
  • Do not place the bed in front of the door, as this will cause agitation and strain. Make sure you don’t sleep in a straight line with sharp corners of the room. TrueVastu recommends that your head should be in the South direction while sleeping.
  • You should not step onto your own shadow.

You can use these Vastu relationship tips to spice up and rekindle your relationship. These Vastu solutions will surely help you live in harmony and love. For more specific and exclusive Vastu solutions, you must visit TrueVastu.