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Vastu tips for Reception
All around the world, Vastu Shastra has played a major role in redefining ‘new age’ offices. More and more companies are embracing the concept of the application of Vastu Shastra in their offices. Since applying the science of Vastu Shastra does not interfere with the modern appearance, it has gained worldwide acceptance. Large companies and the richest people in the world have already included Vastu in their personal and professional lives. Moreover, many successful people, including corporate offices, see this as a valuable addition to their business. Good Vastu planning has the most positive effects for achieving your goal. The first thing that comes to sight when entering an office is the reception area, as this is the first point of contact in the office. It is the first thing anybody sees while entering an official building. The first meeting of a visitor or courier with the receptionist is made at the reception. In Vastu’s words, this is the first contact between energies outside the office and those inside the office. Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance that this place is built with the principles of Vastu Shastra in mind. The reception should be constructed in such a way that the visitor gets impressed by the office as soon as he/she comes there. Vastu Shastra’s advice is considered before constructing any new home, building, office or a hotel.

In this blog, TrueVastu would like to throw some light on the Vastu tips for reception for a workplace.

1.) The reception of an office must face the north, northeast, or east direction, and it must be ensured that the person sitting there, that is, the receptionist, must face the north or east direction only.

2.) One must ensure that no objects are kept in such a way that it creates obstacles close to or in front of the main entrance to the reception area.

3.) The company logo or profile must appear on the southern wall of the reception area. Vastu Shastra also suggests placing a desk diagonally across from the office’s front door to ensure a positive environment.

4.) The office’s reception area leaves a lasting impression on first-time visitors. Therefore, if you place a bouquet of French lavender or green jade flowers on the reception desk, the environment will be positively surrounded, thus creating wealth.

A four-leaf clover plant can also be placed at the entrance to the office, as it invites good luck.

5.) As mentioned above, since the reception area is the first point of contact, it should give out a ‘rich’ look. To showcase that, it should be spacious and attractive so as to catch the eye of the clients, even employees visiting the office.

6.) If the reception requires the construction of a staircase, then the right place to build it is in the south or southwest direction. One should avoid having the stairs in the middle of the reception area as it may lead to financial losses.

Red and black colored staircases must be avoided, and instead, they must be painted with light shades.

7.) Flooring plays a critical role as good flooring makes the employees feel much more comfortable when they are roaming around or spending some time in the reception area.

Furthermore, one must design the reception with the latest furniture, seats, and tables as it helps in making a positive impression on the first-time visitors as well as the regular employees.

8.) The pace and tempo of the music being played in and around the reception area also influences the behaviour of the employees in several ways. Slower, more leisurely music causes people to enjoy the ‘vibe’ of the area.

This practice, in turn, goes a long way in ensuring that the employees working there find peace at their workplace while moving through the reception area.

9.) Good lighting can easily ensure a peaceful environment around the reception. Different frequency and intense combinations of lighting can influence the perception of people moving in and around the area. The level of competency and its luxury all tend to be decided by the lighting of a shop.

10.) Employees would never like to spend time at their workplace if the first place they visit before even reaching their cabins had poor hygiene. Not only the common area but also the washrooms must be kept clean at all times to ensure that the employees and visitors feel comfortable while utilising the reception area.

The power and nature of a company are mirrored by its reception area. Therefore, it must give out positive vibes to the visitors, clients, or even employees.

If you follow the above tips, we can ensure that the office would be surrounded by a positive veil of energy that would ensure the smooth-sailing journey of the employees working there.

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