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Vastu is an ancient Indian science that deals with the architectural aspects of a building. It helps to create a comfortable environment or a place to live and work in the most scientific way. It uses the benefits of nature, its elements, and energy fields for the improvement of wealth, health, and luck. A Workplace is where you usually spend a third of your day so as to ensure financial security. It could range from a setup at home to a full-scale office. Vastu helps to ensure that this workplace offers a peaceful environment, alongside making your efficiency reach its maximum potential. In ancient times, small-scale businessmen used to work from their home, usually from a room dedicated to their work. But as time flew by, businesses nowadays have expanded to have their own offices and buildings where people spend a lot of time, expending their precious time and energy. And if you believe that things are not going smoothly at your office, for reasons unknown to you, then you might need to correct the Vastu for the office to make it a good environment again. See, every space has some energy associated with it, and if, for example, an office is built without keeping Vastu in mind, it could lead to an unattractive environment. And, of course, no one wants to stay in an unappealing surrounding, especially where they spend a considerable part of their daily life.

So, let us go through with some of the tips that will help in creating a positive environment at your workplace:

  1. Put a smiling picture of your loved one 6 at your workplace to combat stress and depression and to bring happiness at your workplace. You can also add a positive symbol such as Om, Swastika, or an idol of Lord Ganesha near the workstation, as this will encourage positivity.
  2. According to Vastu, the owner’s cubicle shouldn’t be the first in the office or shop. It doesn’t have a good business impact.
  3. Managers must occupy a position in the South or western part of the office. They should look to the North or East, as this will help to improve their leadership skills.
  4. Furthermore, business owners should look to the north, east, or northeast. It is so because the sun rises in the east, which promotes financial growth and also the fact that the directions of Vastu that favour monetary prosperity are the north and the northeast. The north side is governed by Lord Kubera, the god of wealth, whereas the northeast direction is controlled by water, which according to Vastu Shastra, indicates a person’s financial situation. It is also suggested to place a mirror on the north wall of the office to ensure better financial opportunities.
  5. The marketing and sales professionals should be seated in the northwest direction in such a way that the seat should be facing northeast to ensure that professionals are more proactive in their work. Also, according to Vastu, not more than one person should work at a table as doing this affects each other’s work.
  6. The seating arrangement for all employees must be such that no one is facing away from the main office entrance as this may be viewed as an indication of distrust at work.
  7. Dark colors like green, blue, or black should be avoided and never be used on the walls of the office. It is better to use light colors, such as white, yellow, or cream. Doing so will remove all negative energy from the office and also increase the positive energy.
  8. Important financial documents should be kept in a safe southwest of the office in such a way that the vault should be facing towards the North or East direction, which will improve finances and general prosperity.
  9. You must ensure that the northeast corner is empty. In this direction, either make some water arrangement or construct a temple. Doing so will help you grow your business and get rid of debts.
  10. Make sure you are sitting in a high-backed chair, as this will help you further enhance your career opportunities. Also, opting for wooden office furniture can accelerate the success rate.
  11. The office reception area leaves a lasting impression on first-time visitors. Therefore, if you place a bouquet of French lavender or green jade flowers on the reception desk, the environment will be positively surrounded, thus creating wealth. A four-leaf clover plant can be placed at the entrance to the office, as it invites good luck.
  12. Keep your workstation neat and tidy and put everything in place for your mind and body to function appropriately. And the ideal height of the workstation should be in line with your navel as it will generate good energy.
  13. Place wooden furniture or wooden objects such as cabinets, display cabinets, trees, or wooden frames in the eastern part of the office or store. It is considered conducive to the growth of a company.
  14. Managers should make sure that their table or desk is rectangular and is made of good quality wood. An irregularly shaped glass or metal table in the cubicle encourages confusion, stress, and alienation from work.
By following Vastu’s best office guidelines and advice, you can overcome many office problems, such as stress, boss and employee problems, low resource efficiency, resource disagreement, financial loss, poor performance, and poor sales, etc. For more such tips, visit TrueVastu.