Vastu Tips for Basement at Home - True Vastu


Marriage is a consecrated connection between two souls. There should be love, trust, care, enthusiastic association, and comprehension between the couple for a cheerful wedded life. Vastu shastra is the study of planning or redesigning spaces to draw in sure energies and discover answers for ordinary issues. As per the Vastu shastra direction of various rooms (e.g., room, kitchen), color, and movement in your home, the placement of each object profoundly affects your psyche mind. This effect on your amazing psyche mind produces explicit feelings.

For instance, if you place your marriage photos and collections in the North-Northwest (NW) zone, it draws in care, love, comprehension, and congruity in your married life. That is the reason this North-Northwest is known as the zone of adoration, relationship, and abilities.

It’s very important to understand the actual connection between your home design and how it affects your emotions. The True Vastu of your home can generate positive as well as negative vibes.

A happy married life doesn’t only mean the commitments with your partner but also being responsible for Joy in life to live it. A marriage is a pure bond of understanding, compatibility, and promises to live together in every situation whether it’s good or worst.

Vastu shastra is the actual study of understanding the impact of your environmental factors on your feelings.

The condition of your relationship with your accomplice all the time mirror the energy of your home. A True Vastu compliant home makes wanted feelings in your or your spouse’s mind, attracting more joy and love in your married life.


● The North-Northwest direction for bedroom is best suited for the married couple. As the Northwest zone is best known for intimacy, this zone enhances feelings, emotions, and romance. 

● Avoid using dark colors on the bedroom wall, for example, Black, Red as the Black color will create negativity which will make you Upset, and Red color is a color of aggression, You can use Soft colors, as Soft colors enhance calmness, positivity. 

● Use Wood furniture in your bedroom, as Wood is considered to be good according to Vastu. 

● The Design of your bed should be decent, as it should have a design of a broken mirror. Do not store utensils and keep money in-bed storage. 

● You can hang your wedding Photos on the North-Northwest wall of your room. 

● Do not keep artificial Flowers in your room, as they attract dush easily and dust brings negativity. 

● The mirror should be placed away from the bed, Mirror should not get the reflection of the bed.