Vastu For Maternity And Paternity

Have you thought about why you and your child don’t have a strong bond?
Why there is miscommunication and misunderstanding?
Have you ever thought why you facing issues while conceiving or you have a miscarriage?

Well, this happens only when there is a problem in the Northeast and Southeast directions of your house.

A lot of energies and vibes move in the house which influences the everyday routine and relationship of people experiencing in it.

Any sort of Vastu imperfection can profoundly influence the temperament of an individual. As per Vastu, 16 zones in a house are proficient to influence the relationship of people.

Southwest is the course that influences the relationship of spouse wife and Parent-kid while North-east is the heading that reinforces your bond with your family members.

True Vastu helps you to find out the exact problem behind it.

True Vastu recommends several practical approaches to make balance during the zones that prevalently influence your bond and better understanding with your child, and also for prevention remedies from miscarriage and mishappening.

True Vastu has the best solutions to your problems and helps its clients to find out the exact problem.

Vastu For Children Growth

Some people believe that their children manage to do well in academics, without investing too much energy. On the other hand, others might feel that their children study all the time but they fail to perform well in academics and could not achieve the results they want.

Have you ever thought what could be the actual reason behind it?

Do you feel bad that why your child could not perform well?

Well, True Vastu helps you to find out the exact problem behind it. Vastu Shastra experts keep up with that your home’s energy balance assumes a major part in your children’s educational growth and development.

While this affects individuals, everything being equal, kids are more affected by it.

As per Vastu Shastra, if there is a problem in the Northeast direction then your child will face problems in the educational, and self-development front.

True Vastu recommends several practical approaches to make balance during the zones that prevalently influence your child’s growth.

Vastu For Financial Gains

Do You know why your financial gains are not stable or dropping down?

Have you ever thought about what could be the reason behind your financial instability?

Well, it could the problem of Vastu in the North, West, and North-east. And if there is a problem in the South direction then it will lead to loan debt.

According to Vastu Shastra, To attract financial gains, one should be aligned and in tune with the universal energies. Money is one of the most essential components in our lives.

As indicated by Vastu Shastra, the 5 elements — fire, water, earth, air, and space — are a mix of cosmic energies.

If any of these elements are not balanced then it can lead to attracting negative energy in our lives.

True Vastu recommends several practical approaches to make balance during the zones that prevalently influence your Finances.

True Vastu has the best solutions to your problems and helps its clients to find out the exact problem.

True Vastu has the best solutions to your problems and helps its clients to find out the exact problem.

True Vastu For A Happy Relationship

Have you ever wonder, Why your relationship doesn’t work out after trying so hard?
Do you know what are the reasons behind your unhappy relationship or why you face problems in your relationship?

Well, the main reason behind your unhappy or unsatisfied relationship could be Vastu.

Vastu has a deep connection with our daily life. Vastu plays an important role. Significant imbalances in your home can turn the relationships unhappy, causing unnecessary fights and conflicts with your loved ones. Accordingly, the presence of a positive cosmic field is essential for your relationship to bloom.

True Vastu recommends a couple of approaches to make balance during the zones that prevalently influence your relationships.

True Vastu has the best solutions to your problems and helps its clients to find out the exact problem.

Contact us for a better and Happy relationship. True VastuTM specializes in Vastu has helped a lot of people to have their dream relationship bonds with their loved ones.

True Vastu Good Health

Have you ever thought Why sometimes you feel low, dull, unhappy, and upset or you feel uneasiness around you?

Do you know the exact reason behind your Bad health?

Do you know the directions that bring good Health?

Well, True Vastu has answers to all your questions.

Vastu has every kind of solution to your problems, the main reason behind your Bad mental or Bad physical Health can be Vastu Dosh.

Vastu Shastra has set out some significant rules that assist with forestalling ailment, mental distress, negative energy, and advance great wellbeing and genuine feelings of serenity.

Following Vastu Shastra at your home, not just aids in getting benefits, acquiring admiration and poise in the general public yet, in addition, helps in keeping up with one’s wellbeing.

If your house isn’t developed by Vastu rules, the occupants might face LIFE-DANGER issues.

True VastuTM helps its clients identify the best solutions for them.

True Vastu for Residential

Home is a place where one finds comfort and peace. A place where we come to relax and be energised to move to the next milestone.

Hence, home must always be full of energy, tranquillity, peace and positivity.

Vastu is based on various energies that come from atmosphere, like the energy from the sun, the cosmos, lunar energy, thermal form of energy, magnetic energy, light, wind forms of energy, and much more. These can be balanced to enhance prosperity, success and peace. If a house is made according to these principles, the members enjoy all the happiness in life. On the other hand, if it’s against Vastu principles, the place will have all sorts of problems, worries and will lack peace.

Have you ever noticed moving to a place has resulted in strained relationship between husband and wife?

Have you ever wondered why kids are better in learning at one place than the other?

Have you ever noticed more expenses happening in one house than the other one?

The answer lies with Vastu.

Vastu, which literally means the place where one lives (Vas-tu), has such an impact on our day-to-day life that it can make or break a person.

Staying in a well-planned rented house can lead one to buy his/her own house, and a not so well-planned can even let one sell his/her house.

helps its clients identify the best abode for them. A stay that is not just beautiful but also the one that brings a whole lot of positivity along with it.

Contact us for a proper reading of your existing or future house, so as to benefit from this science of architecture.

True Vastu for Commercial

The kind of atmosphere that we are in, India is witnessing newer businesses sprouting with each passing day. We have SEZs, industries, industrial towns coming up as well. Make in India, is not just helping newer firms come up but also smaller firms grow.

New offices, new industry sites, new assignments, it’s all here.

But what happens if after investing a lot of money, one doesn’t find success and later comes to know that proper Vastu could help improve the situation?

Will it not be a late decision?

Did you know that Vastu makes a huge impact on all the aspects of life?

Why is it so that few shopping malls are so crowded, whereas few even with the best of the brands, keep looking out for footfalls?

Did you notice that staying in some hotel is always a pleasant experience, whereas staying in another is more of a burden?

The answer here too is Vastu.

Commercial Vastu facilitates in identifying the right direction for each and everything that is required in the company. Right from placement of the locker, to where Sales team must sit to give the best result.

True VastuTM specializes is commercial Vastu and has helped a lot of companies get the best from it.

Looking for a solution to your current worries in business, connect with us at True VastuTM.

True Vastu for Industrial

A recent surveys says that over a lac industries got closed because of poor Vastu of the place.

Did you know that Vastu guides us with the correct placement of machineries, as per direction?

Industries are tricky ones to manage, because here one not just needs to manage the industry but also the production, profitability, and people associated with it.

Vastu when followed for industry, ensures an excellent production and in-turn a profitable business. When setting up an industry, there are a whole lot of things to ensure being met. Right from selection of a good plot, to placement of electronic gadgets, machineries, to location of staff quarters, guardrooms, cafeteria, placement of admin, to storage space for the raw material, and other stuff.

While investing a huge amount in setting up the industry, it is always a good proposition to have a check on the Vastu too.

Correct placement gives correct results, and so for betterment of the industry one must always look for the right start.

Looking to start your own business and seeking help from a Vastu Consultant?

True VastuTM specializes in industry Vastu and has helped over a 100 industries in setting up their plant. Our experts provides support at each and every step and help bring the best out of a site. A site filled with positivity and energy to perform nothing but the best.

Contact us for Vastu visit and appropriate guidance.

True Vastu for Interior Design

Interior designing is a vast term used to explain the placement of things in the house/business, so as to ensure peacefulness of a house, room, industry, company, office, or any other premise. Vastu Consultants suggest to design the place and A house is as beautiful as it looks. And similar is the case with offices too. A place attracts only when it looks appealing. And this happens when right things are placed at the right place.

Placement of dining table in west, brings good health to the family members.

Wrong placement of study table at home, can lead to kids neglecting studies.

The colours of the walls again play a major role in setting the mood of the resident.

Right interiors at home, not just ensures a beautiful house, but also brings positivity, good health, happiness and cordial relations within family members.

Vaastu Shastra makes us live in harmony with nature taking advantage of the five basic elements of nature i.e earth, water, fire, air and space and receiving the blessing of the Gods of the directions.

Interior designing as per Vastu, is what True VastuTM does. It helps its clients in not just finding the right place, but also guides on the right placement of things, so as to have beautiful interior designing.

True Vastu for Muhurt

Time and timing is something that is considered to be of great importance. If the timing is not correct then a work that could have been a success, fails; on the other hand if timing is correct, then even the tough tasks get accomplished. And similar is the case in Vastu too. One wing of Vastu also talks about Muhurat, i.e. the best time to do something.

Have you ever thought as to why it is said that we should take bath in the morning and not in the evening?

Even the Universe follows the time/timing and that’s why we have day and night, and also the weathers.

Construction of a place when done in the right muhurt brings health, wealth, happiness, success and prosperity in our life. And in-turn one leads a good life.

Muhurt is not just the study of the most pious times but also requiring mapping it with our birth chart. Since each of us are linked with planetary positions and so do are the days. Hence, while calculating the right muhurt for an individual, one needs to properly study the birth chart of the individual too. The importance of muhurt can be understood by the fact that a prescribed muhurt for Person A may not be good for Person B, as well. Hence a different calculation and a separate reading is required for everyone; and this can be done by a learned person only, and not necessarily by the priests sitting in temples.

Muhurt provided a right time to do the right thing, and get the right advantage of the same.

True VastuTM team has so far helped thousands of people in finding the right muhurt and is committed to do it for all who need and approach us.


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