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True Vastu for Temple

Temples are important part of our lives. A place that we feel where God lives.

But did you know that a temple in itself is God, and the idol that we place is its Soul?

We go to the temples to leave our worries and carry with us the positive vibrations of the place. Be energetic and worry-free.

Now the question to be asked is: If the place is so pure that we leave all our worries and surrender ourselves over there, then isn’t it important to consider Vastu here too?

Right placement of idols and proper consideration of the direction, not just ensures that the temple is full of positive energies, but also brings peace to its visitors.

Vastu plays a very vital role in not just placement of things at home, but also in temples. And that’s one of the reasons why few temples are so famous, and few not so famous ones.

Looking to construct a temple or seeking guidance on the current one?

True Vastu provides detailed guidance with matters related to Vastu for temples.