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True Vastu for Soil Testing

Almost all of us would have studied about different types of soil during our childhood days, and would have also come across a learning as to which soil is good for what kind of plants and trees, etc.

Similar is the case in Vastu too. Vastu talks about using a land with the right kind of soil for the right inhabitants. Vastu has specific recommendations for specific people. A family that runs business has a different kind of land and soil good for them, and a family that has more teachers need to reside at a land with another type of soil.

A house is constructed keeping in mind the shape, size and environment of a land. However, there are certain physical tests which are performed on soil. Soil testing is an important procedure in order to determine the properties of a particular land before construction for residential or commercial purpose. The various tests also helps to assess the positive & negative energies of the land. Residents of a fertile land with good amount of water will be definitely be more prosperous as compared to residents of a dry and infertile land. House constructed on a dry land will neither be physically strong not it will bring positive effects of Vastu. Also, large salt content in any soil is considered as inauspicious hence soil testing methods helps to get rid of any flaws.

True VastuTM consultants are well equipped to perform all kinds of soil testing and provide their recommendation. Soil testing that is recommended by the Vedas.