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True Vastu for Muhurt

Time and timing is something that is considered to be of great importance. If the timing is not correct then a work that could have been a success, fails; on the other hand if timing is correct, then even the tough tasks get accomplished. And similar is the case in Vastu too. One wing of Vastu also talks about Muhurat, i.e. the best time to do something.

Have you ever thought as to why it is said that we should take bath in the morning and not in the evening?

Even the Universe follows the time/timing and that’s why we have day and night, and also the weathers.

Construction of a place when done in the right muhurt brings health, wealth, happiness, success and prosperity in our life. And in-turn one leads a good life.

Muhurt is not just the study of the most pious times but also requiring mapping it with our birth chart. Since each of us are linked with planetary positions and so do are the days. Hence, while calculating the right muhurt for an individual, one needs to properly study the birth chart of the individual too. The importance of muhurt can be understood by the fact that a prescribed muhurt for Person A may not be good for Person B, as well. Hence a different calculation and a separate reading is required for everyone; and this can be done by a learned person only, and not necessarily by the priests sitting in temples.

Muhurt provided a right time to do the right thing, and get the right advantage of the same.

True VastuTM team has so far helped thousands of people in finding the right muhurt and is committed to do it for all who need and approach us.