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True Vastu for Land Purification

Vastu is all about the combination of five elements, viz. Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Sky. Each of these elements hold equal importance in our lives and must be paid proper attention. An imbalance in any of these elements disturbs the energy of the place. And this energy later affects the people staying at that place.

Did you think as to why in earlier days cow dung was considered good to clean the house?

Why it’s advised to worship regularly?

In this fast moving world, we are slowly but surely getting away from all the natural remedies and hence it becomes even more important to consider land purification well before initiating the construction.

Land is not just a source for construction of house, but also provides us with food, river, water tanks, roads, parks, and much more. Hence, it is equally important that before we start construction of a house or building, we should do the land purification and also puja. It is believed that in case of any dosh in the land or any mistake been committed by the land owner, knowingly or unknowingly, the same gets cured by land purification and puja.

Land purification not only helps in smooth construction of house or building but also brings prosperity and happiness in the life of the residents.

There are different ways to do land purification, and each of these are quite effective in removing the negativity, blessing the house and its members with a whole lot of positive energy.

All the True VastuTM consultants have intensive experience in all areas of Vastu, and in land purification. They ensure to provide the right kind of advice, so as to let the land owner enjoy peace and prosperity.