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True Vastu for Garden

Have you ever thought that how many trees per person do we require to survive?

A report couple of years back suggested that the world supports over 60 trees per person. Amazed?

Plants and trees are our major source of oxygen. Isn’t it so that they are a very important part of our lives and we couldn’t even think of ourselves without these being in existence?

Now the question to be asked is, if trees happen to be so important in our lives, then don’t they also hold importance with regards to the directions they are placed in? Is location so important?

The answer is a big YES.

Remember, elderly people saying that we shouldn’t be sleeping under a tree at night? Well, there are different reasons for it and one happens to be the location too.

And as per Vastu, trees also get impacted because of directions.

If placed at the right place, trees give the full benefit of it, and if at a wrong place then they have their own side effects.

And hence, the important of True Vastu for Garden.

Elderly people always said, a peepal tree should not be planted within the vicinity of the house. Similarly, a garden at home should not have fruit laden trees.

Tulsi plant happens to be one of most pious plants to have at home. But do you know that it also has a certain direction to be placed at!

Fruit laden trees have their own consequences when planted within the premises of the house.

Importance of Vastu for garden, can also be understood by the fact that Aparajita (an ayurvedic plant) when planted within the premises not just results in the owner’s death, but also death by a weapon.

A well planned and a properly maintained garden not just brings positivity in one’s life but also ensures continuous flow of happiness and success. While planning a beautiful home with a lovely garden or maybe a kitchen garden one should not just focus on beautifying it but also emphasize on which plants should be placed in which direction.

True VastuTM Consultants not just help you in analysing your garden, but also suggest on the kinds of plants you should have in your garden, and in which direction.