Numerology Analysis

Numbers play a very vital role in our lives. Right from our date of birth, to our bank account number, to our age, to the percentage score that we have, to the amount spent, to the other important dates, it all revolves around numbers. How would you react, if we say that there’s an impact of each of these in our life.

Right from the count of planets, to seasons, to months of the year, to days in the week; it’s all about numbers. We count the numbers in money.

If we think deeply then we’ll notice that there are certain friends who are close to us, and few who are not so close but casual ones.

Similar is the case with vehicles, houses, dates and so on. There are few vehicles those we find are good for us, and few just OK. Or few houses are great and few are not good ones.

All the calculations, counts and combinations revolve around numbers and hence play an equally important role in our life.

Numbers have their own vibrations and hence their impact. Each day in the week has its own specific number assigned to it, hence its vibrating pattern is different and as a result have different impact on our life. Therefore, each day is considered different basis nature and outcome.

Analyzing our date of birth and suggesting the right cause of action is something of great importance and to be dealt with in a thorough way.

Numerological analysis is a detailed study of the date of birth and predictions basis the same. Unlike astrology it does not require time and place of birth, hence holds great importance to those who are unaware of the entire detail but just know the date of birth.

It helps in guiding the right cause and action, determining the highs and lows of life, finding the right time to do something, so on and so forth.

True VastuTM has a team of consultants who come with a joint experience of over a thousand predictions basis numerology. It has a team that not just does day-to-day predictions but is also involved in research work to understand a more detailed impact of numbers and suggest remedies for the same.