Name Numerology

Have you noticed any extra letter in the name of a movie, or a person, or a company and wondered as to why it is like this? The answer is numerology.

Each letter is allocated a certain number, and hence numbers when pulled from the name (person, company, etc.) and later mapped with the date of birth helps in a thorough analysis of the life path. It helps in not just checking about personality, but also relationships and future.

The spelling of the name has a direct relationship with our date of birth, and when totaled right can lead us to success; whereas when the total doesn’t support the date of birth, it brings hurdles, delayed results, unhappiness, tension and much more.

Name Numerology is a science that does help us in correcting our names, and hence lead a life full of happiness and prosperity. It is done by doing a detailed analysis of the date of birth and the complete name, which further helps in provided the best possible solution.

Trust VastuTM team is well equipped in name numerology and has so far handled over a thousand cases and provided its guidance accordingly. A team that ensures complete satisfaction, happiness and success of all the people around; and during this we do a thorough analysis of the date of birth, map it with the name of the person, study its impact in all the areas of life and then provide guidance.