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How Vastu Can Increase Your Performance in Life!

Vastu shastra is known as the science of architecture, it is considered an ideal way to harness positive energy in your surroundings. Vastu is may not be essential for living but it helps create a healthy, wealthy, and better life. Vastu can increase your performance, Vastu for career can guide you on a proper path to reach your goal and ambition. It is recommended to follow Vastu tips for career growth. Vastu Shastra has originated from creator Brahma, who taught this to several sages. The origin of Vastu Shastra is believed between 6000 BC and 3000 BC. Vastu Shastra has its origin in Atharva Veda, it has also been mentioned in our ancient scriptures like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. There are 35 names of sages mentioned in the Matsya Purana known as the teacher of Vastu Shastra.

Effect Of Vastu Shastra


Even if, Vastu Shastra has developed from ancient times, people still believe in Vastu in modern days. Vastu endorses internal peace and calm. It can also promote cooperative relationships among the people who live under the same roof. By evoking five elements and making your living space clean and clutter-free, Vastu can also enhance your mental skill, money income, and longevity of your life. Let’s learn some Vastu tips for career growth that can help you increase your performance in life. Follow these simple and proven Vastu tips for promotion in the job.


17 Surprising Vastu Tips For Career Growth


  • The East side of the house should be open and always clean. Having windows in this direction is considered lucky and keeping them open allows positive energy to enter your home and keep your mind fresh.
  • The South-west side of the house should be elevated and heavy. This helps in managing the reins of the household. It also helps in maintaining health, peace, and prosperity and prevents problems.
  • Avoid sleeping in the southeast zone because it can lead to mental illness rather than physical sickness. Always sleep keeping your head in the South direction, you can also use the East direction.
  • While working or studying make sure you sit your back facing a solid wall. According to Vastu Shastra, it represents support and a focused mind. You can hand a poster of a mountain it strengthens your support.
  • Keeping a happy and positive picture or a laughing Buddha at your workstation can help you fight stress and depression. It can also bring happiness and positivity to your workstation which can give wings to your career.
  • Placing a picture of a lake, river, ocean or any other body in the Northeast direction of your workstation can help you accelerate your career graph by improving your focus and concentration.
  • Your working table or furniture should be of regular shapes like a square or rectangle. It helps you increase your concentration power. The wooden furniture is considered auspicious to attain growth.
  • According to Vastu Shastra keeping positive and holy symbols like OM, Swastik, or the idol of Lord Ganesh near your workstation can help increasing positivity and make an ideal environment for your work.
  • Always keep your working place well lit. Try keeping fresh flowers in the East direction of your working area. You can also place a lamp in the South-east direction it increases money flow and good luck.
  • While doing business or work try facing the North or the East direction. It can increase your success and growth. Also, make sure to have a high back chair it ensures a positive mindset and support.
  • Never keep any leaking taps and water faucets as it indicated a loss of money. Also avoid keeping broken furniture, either get it repaired or get rid of it immediately. It can harm your growth.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the East-facing workstations are considered as best or ideal for work as these bring respect. It also enhances and boosts your confidence & creativity.
  • Keep the Northeast part of your workplace clean and clutter-free. Keep finished projects or works in the North-west direction. According to Vastu Shastra, it can increase your success speed.
  • According to Vastu tips for career growth, it is recommended to never sit at a congested workstation. Avoid sitting cross-legged in your office. It can hinder your career growth so always sit properly.
  • Keeping an open space ahead of you while working is considered as ideal. It represents sincerity, openness, and new ideas that will find your way. Also, keep fresh flowers at your desk, it represents positivity and support.
  • According to Vastu Shastra if you have heavy or heat-generating instruments such as computers, printers, machines, or heaters in your office. Must keep them in the Southeast direction.
  • If you are the owner of a business or CEO of a company then you must take the Southwest room of your office building. and you sit in the Southwest corner while facing the north side. It can enhance your growth scale.