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Believe in astrology
Astrology is a study of the influence of distant cosmic objects, usually stars and planets, on a human life. Our time of birth is actually the beginning of our journey on this earth, and therefore, making it an important feature. The moment of events to start a trip, getting married, moving or even launching a satellite can be traced at the time of our birth. Planetary positions at this ‘birth time’ reflect your journey, your progress, your success, or even your failure. Astrology is basically a type of divination in which terrestrial and human events are predicted by observing and interpreting the positions of the fixed stars, sun, moon, and planets. Followers believe that understanding the influence of planets and stars on earthly affairs enables them to predict and influence the destiny of individuals, groups, and nations. When it comes to astrology, most people only know their “zodiac sign”, which refers to one of the 12 constellations. It is a form of sun-sign astrology on which horoscopes are based upon. This is probably the easiest way to do this, as it doesn’t take more than a person’s birthday to create a sun sign horoscope. Many astrologers will say that this form of astrology is so simple that it gives very limited results. To get a more accurate reading, astrologers check each planet’s sign at the individual’s time of birth. Planets and signs, along with other elements such as houses and angles, form a complex and often the very specific profile of a person’s personality, life, and future perspectives. 

Why Do People Believe In Astrology?

Astrology offers several things that many people find highly desirable: information and security about the future, a way to free them from the current situation and to feel connected to everything – The Cosmos. Astrology shares this with many other beliefs that tend to be classified as the “New Age”. For example, the idea that nothing in life is really random. In this view of life, everything that happens to us, even the smallest or seemingly insignificant, happens for a reason. Astrology, therefore, claims to give at least some of the answers as to why they are occurring and perhaps even a way to predict them in advance. In this way, astrology helps people to understand their life and the world around them. Well, who doesn’t?

Now, if you want even more reasons to believe in Astrology, then have a look through the facts stated below:

1.) First reason is that it really works! And many of the smartest people know it’s true. If you’re skeptical, you’re repeating to yourself, “What evidence do you have that it worked for them? And who are these smart people?” Astrology has been adopted by kings, Popes like Leo X and Paul III over the centuries that flew by. Even historical figures from Benjamin Franklin to President Reagan have all consulted astrologers. These great people believed that practicing astrology could provide valuable information which would help them run their businesses and help make various important decisions. This Astrological interpretation offered them an in-depth analysis of the past, advice for the future, and some wise advice that they could rely upon.
In fact, J.P. Morgan once said, “Millionaires don’t use astrologers, but billionaires do!
2.) Ambanis are very spiritual and love to see things astrologically before making a decision. The fact that Mukesh Ambani does not like to call his Billionaire home Antilia just because he was not the name is not in accordance with Vastu, says a lot about his faith in this system. Vastu guarantees better health, wealth, and prosperity, depending on the planetary configuration of the horoscope. Nita Ambani has been regularly seen chanting some “mantras” so that her cricket team, the Mumbai Indians, does well in the IPL. 3.) Amitabh Bachchan, another billionaire, wears two blue sapphire rings and a Colombian emerald, the combination of which, according to Vedic Astrology, is very lucky for him. His family regularly sees an astrologer in a small town in Karnataka. The family decided to give the green light to Abhishek and Aishwarya’s wedding. 4.) MS Dhoni also believes in numerology (a branch of Astrology) as he is obsessed with the number seven. Not only does he wear a shirt with the number seven, but he also signs deals when it’s seven on the clock or on the seventh day, or in the seventh month. 5.) Benjamin Franklin used astrology for the Declaration of Independence. Historical research shows that Franklin and Thomas Jefferson conspired to pass the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, instead of July 2nd, which was recommended by their colleague John Adams. Franklin knew the importance of choosing a favorable astrological time, and July 2nd, 1776, was a bad day, according to Astrology! Instead, he chose a fabulous “astrological day” for America’s Founding Fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence. 6.) J.P. Morgan’s usage of astrology in his business made him a billionaire at the turn of this century when even a million dollars was a huge fortune. In fact, Morgan listened to Adams when she specifically said to him, “Don’t get on the Titanic.” He followed her advice, canceled his reservation, and then saw some of his best friends die on this tragic ship. Coincidence? Not always. 7.) It is known and documented that Ronald Reagan depended heavily on a favorable astrological climate to manage the country’s affairs as the President of the United States. His daughter Patty Davis and his former secretary of the treasurer and former chief of staff Donald T. Regan famously quoted:
“My parents did what the stars suggested: changing schedules, changing travel plans, staying at home, canceling shows.” ~ Patti Reagan Davis in his book The Way I See It.
8.) Cognitive Biases (which is what Astrology does) are good because suppose your zodiac sign insists that you are an honest and loyal person, you tend to believe it, whether or not your everyday life confirms it. And suppose even if you are not at your best behaviour at times, you generally tend to go back to being an honest, loyal person because you believe you are supposed to be so. Astrology gives us a sense of validation and order in a world that is often unpredictable and is seemingly chaotic. This makes it almost inevitable not to believe in, and for more such articles, visit us on TrueVastu. Did this blog succeed in igniting that spark in the back of your head? Want more reasons to believe in Astrology? Tune in to our channel for more facts to clear up your conflicts.