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When we talk about a career, we talk about many things, like money, fame, business, position, power, and so on. Fate line in hand is useful in arbitrating careers ups and downs. When it comes to our life growth through work, the fate line plays an important role in determining that. According to the Indian Vedic Palmistry, the fate line is one of the most important lines on our palms. Fate line inhabits an important place and, in many ways, decides when or how we will get progress in our career, job, and business. Fate line in palmistry is also known as career line.

Location and Meaning

The fate line is the vertical line running up in the palm towards the base of the middle finger. The starting point of the fate line can be anywhere from the base of the palm. It points toward the middle finger which is called the Saturn finger in palmistry, so it is also known as the Saturn line. Some of the palm readers also call it the luck line because it is mostly related to luck, growth, and success. Palm readers do career predictions based on the fate line. According to Vedic Palmistry, if your fate line is clear and straight without many crosses, you are most likely to get a good fortune in your career. The thick and deep fate line is not considered good, it indicated many things in your life will out of your hands.

Absence of Fate Line

Many people don’t have a fate line. What does that mean? Absent of the fate line doesn’t mean you don’t have a career & growth and your future will collapse. The absence of a fate line indicates instability in your job and occupations. You always change your job and don’t have any permanent occupation in your life. There could be many reasons behind it like your careless attitude or you couldn’t find a job of your interest.  Your career growth will have lots of ups and downs. You will face lots of twists and turns in your life and you can also lose some of the important opportunities in your life even if it knocks on your door.

Shape of Fate Line

  • A straight and long fate line that begins from the base of the palm and extends to the Mount of Saturn under the middle finger indicates a strong ability to start a career and run your business self-dependably. A person having a straight and long line focuses on credibility thus has a successful career without any struggle.
  • A Shallow fate line indicates a hard-working career full of twists and turns. You will face difficulties in achieving great things. If your fate line is shallow and at the same time wide and unclear, it indicates that you are not likely to be bound by any common destiny.
  • An oblique fate line indicates having a different mindset. A person having an oblique fate line always has ideas in their mind and likes to see things from a different point of view in life. You can make your success path easier and will achieve success easily in your career.
  • A thick and deep fate line running down your palms means fate is a powerful force in your life. It indicates that many things in your life will be out of your hand. The thick fate line is not that good but neither it is necessarily a bad thing.

Types of Fate Line in Palmistry

STARTING FROM THE LIFELINE: If your fate line is connected to the lifeline. It indicates you have the strength and endless energy. You will receive constant support for career growth from your family and loved ones. When Lifeline branches to the fate line your social status can be upgraded easily with your hard work and you will be satisfied and live a happy life.

STARTING FROM THE HEADLINE: If your fate line starts from the headline, it means you will receive achievement a little late. You will face many hindrances on the way to start your business or your work but after the age of 35 the fortune of your career will change for good and you will see success and growth.

STARTING FROM THE HEART LINE: If your fate line starts from the heart line, it indicates very late success in life. You won’t have a stable career and a smooth life. After the age of 55, you are expected to receive a fortune in your life which will require hard work and determination.

STARTING FROM THE MOUNT OF MOON: If your fate line starts from the mount of Moon, which is located at the base of the palm on the little finger’s side. It indicates you will get success owing to your creative talents and close relationship and you will always have a faithful companion. After marriage your fortune will grow.

STARTING FROM THE MOUNT OF VENUS: If your fate line starts from the mount of Venus, which is located on the base of the thumb and passes through the heart line. It indicates you don’t have to worry about money or any financial conditions. You will have a lot of money as you could inherit a fortune from your ancestors or parents.

ENDING AT THE MOUNT OF SATURN: If your fate line is started from the base of the palm and ends at the mount of Saturn, which is right below the middle finger. If indicates you will great achieve success without having any background. If the Sunline runs parallel with your fate line, then you will have a successful business.

ENDING AT THE MOUNT OF JUPITER: If your fate line starts from the base of the palm and ends at the mount of Jupiter, which is right below the forefinger. It indicates power and fame. A person having this could gain a good reputation and fame for a lifetime.

ENDING AT THE MOUNT OF SUN: If your fate line starts from the bottom of your palm and ends at the mount of Sun, which is located right below your ring finger, it indicates the artistic mind. You could grow your career with artistic talents and easily gain money with it.

ENDING AT THE MOUNT OF MERCURY: If your fate line starts from the base of the palm and ends at the mount of Mercury, which is right below the little finger. It ensures achievement in business and investment. A person having these in both hands can easily achieve great success in the commercial line.

HAVING AN ISLAND: The presence of an island on your fate line is an indication of hindrance and problem in your career. According to Indian Vedic Palmistry, an island is considered very bad for a person. The size of the island is directly proportional to the struggle one is going to face.

FATE LINE WITH BRANCHES: If your fate line has moved up branches it points to promotion and benefits in your career or work. Fate line branches are an indication of income increase at the age when the branch is hooting up.