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Numerology is the study of numbers, their combination, and their interaction in life. Business numerology is about choosing the best name for the company. They say the world is based on the power of numbers, and business is about numbers too. There is a lot of energy in your company name that can lead to great success. The letters and words that make up your company name determine your company’s fate.

Have you ever wondered why some companies are incredibly successful while others crash and burn for no reason? Recent studies have seen a trend that 70% of all startups tend to fail within the first five years of their establishment.

So, if you are an entrepreneur who has gone through a difficult time, you are not alone as many others have traveled this difficult path too, and hence business name numerology, provided by TrueVastu, would be of utmost importance to you.

Choosing the best company name based on numerology and astrology makes a big difference. Business Name Numerology is an ancient science but is still one of the most relevant that exists today.

So, are you planning on starting your own business, and are you looking for a name for your company? Or do you want to start from scratch and create a big name for the company?

Whatever you need, TrueVastu is here to help.

Numerology also explains that a bad company name combined with a certain start date can create unhappy new karma for your future. You don’t deserve to have your hopes dampened by ill-informed decisions that can be left to chance.

With all the ancient techniques of numerology, the fortune of any startup can be determined. It is not difficult, and choosing a company name is much easier than changing the name, as you can choose the company name and the starting date of your startup.


Business Numerology is a straightforward process, and here are the tips you should follow:

1.) Search thoroughly and try to think about what you want your company name to convey. Your startup name is a crucial part of the growth of your brand’s identity as this name will appear everywhere, from the company logo, cards, websites to the products or promotional materials. Strictly avoid hard-to-spell words when finalizing your startup name.

2.) Keep in mind that when you finally choose your startup name, it should not lead to your business being held back by its own name. For example, think about how Flipkart would’ve done if its name was something like Online Clothing. It would’ve led to Flipkart only selling clothes rather than growing and becoming one of India’s best online retailing franchises.

3.) TrueVastu suggests keeping the name short, precise, and easy to interpret and remember. Think of the names of companies you admire, and you would find that they usually have a few things in common. Their names are short, simple, and easy to spell and remember, like Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, etc.

Moreover, unclear company names are often difficult to type and even harder to remember.

4.) Unfamiliar names often make it difficult to create a logo for your company as it highly depends on your startup name. Choosing obscure names would turn out to be a problem, as word of mouth is the most successful form of marketing for most startups and small businesses.

If your customers can’t remember your name or are unable to spell it out for others, it will be difficult for them to promote your business.

5.) It might seem tempting for you to use some different letter substitutions, but strictly avoid using a ‘K’ instead of ‘Q’ or a ‘Ph’ in place of an ‘F’; whenever you finalize your startup name. These letter substitutions make it difficult for potential customers to remember the spelling of your brand.

6.) Be sure to include the acronym for your business name (an acronym is the first letter of each word in a sentence). You may opt against using an acronym, but your customers might use an acronym to refer to your business. For example, Bavarian Motor Works is known worldwide as BMW, and it’s easy to remember as well.

7.) Don’t hesitate to gather feedback from your friends or family. It is recommended that after you come up with 10-15 names, you should ask for feedback on those names and then try to finalize one from the list you prepared.

8.) Ensure that the name sounds good when actually read out aloud and you are happy with it personally. Sometimes a name may seem absolutely fine on paper, but when said out loud, it might sound a bit confusing.

Also, as mentioned, since, after all, it is your business, you should be completely satisfied with the name you chose as it will stick with you for a long time.

9.) Try to choose a catchy name for your startup! Of course, you don’t want to pick up a boring name for your company, but you also don’t want to pick something that’s too ‘exaggerated’. You want your employees to be able to confidently say where they work, and you want your name to reverberate with your target audience.

Follow these tips given by TrueVastu, and we can guarantee that you get off on the right foot on
your long, tedious, but rewarding journey in setting up your own business. For more tips, visit us
on TrueVastu.