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Getting enough sleep is like a real-life charger that’s ready to charge our bodies and mind, and it is crucial that we get enough sleep to maintain our health and quality of life. But, nowadays, due to the busy lifestyle of everyone, many people cannot sleep well at night. Lack of sleep tends to affect the way a person thinks, works, learns or reacts to things happening around him/her. This, in turn, can affect their body’s ability to function properly, and one of the biggest reasons for chronic diseases is the lack of sleep one gets. But, all of these issues can be resolved if you keep in mind the best sleeping direction in Vastu Shastra.

Scientifically speaking, the direction in which a person sleeps depends on the geomagnetic field. Some people can get around this theory by claiming that this magnetic field is too small to have any effect. But those who believe in cosmic forces believe that even the smallest things in life make a big difference. Of course, there should be only one best sleep direction for each individual. But that just does not sound viable at all. This is where the power of Vastu Shastra comes into play. Vastu recognizes that each person is unique, each apartment has its orientation and structural dimension; Therefore, the best direction to sleep is different for everyone.


Why Vastu is important for the Bedroom?


The bedroom is where most of us relax and sleep soundly. This is where we come after a busy day and try to sleep to strengthen ourselves for the next day, and here the power of Vastu for the bedroom comes in. A space conforming to the principles of Vastu guarantees a calm and peaceful environment. According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal places and directions for the rooms are also defined. If the room is not in the recommended direction of Vastu, there is a remedy. Structural modifications are required, or some elements of Vastu can be placed in specific areas to make the environment compatible with Vastu.

A room in the north corner of a house is acknowledged as the best place for the bedroom, which would be lucky for everyone. It is especially lucky for young students looking for job opportunities. Likewise, a room facing east will give them a keen intellect and help them excel in their studies.

So, here are some tips to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep:

1.) According to Vastu Shastra, only couples should occupy the master bedroom, if it is a family consisting of couples and other single members. Also, ensure that the room is in a regular shape and not a room with cuts and shapes, designed to enhance the room’s appearance.

2.) According to Vastu Shastra, the best direction to sleep is in the south direction, as it is thought to be the ideal sleeping position for getting long and high-quality sleep. Sleeping with your feet towards the north or east direction ensures that there is comfort, peace, happiness, wealth, and good luck in your life.

3.) Mirrors reflect energy in the room, which can cause restlessness and, in turn, increase worries in your life. Strictly avoid hanging a mirror on the opposite wall to the bed, and also, be careful where you place the dresser, assuming you have a mirror. This is because the reflection of the sleeping body in a mirror is considered unlucky in Vastu Shastra. You can cover the mirror in front of your bed with a cloth so it doesn’t reflect you or your bed.

4.) It is vital to choose the correct colours for your bedroom as they affect our mood, health, and happiness. Strictly avoid using dark colours, and prefer colours like off-white, baby pink, or cream. Also, keep in mind that your bedroom room should be well-organised, clean, and clutter-free.

5.) Keep the bed on the opposite end of the doorway and ensure that the bed is against the wall (and not underneath windows) and is not freestanding in the middle of your bedroom.

6.) Try to positively keep your sleeping space clutter-free, and ensure that bookshelves, if in your bedroom, stay out of the direct line of your bed.

7.) As per Vastu Shastra, you should avoid placing electronics like TVs, computers, laptops, etc. in the bedroom as the signals emitted from these devices tend to disrupt your sleep cycle. Also, ensure that aquariums and other life forms including plants should not be kept in the bedroom.

8.) Strictly avoid sleeping with your head towards the bedroom door, as doing so may lead you to have nightmares. Also, if your bed is placed under a beam, this may lead to you having disturbed sleep, so move it elsewhere.

9.) Avoid having dark-coloured furniture inside your bedroom where you sleep.

Follow these tips and TrueVastu ensures that you will sleep a good night’s sleep. For more such tips, visit us on TrueVastu.