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After building or registering your new company the first thing you should do is make your business visiting card. But according to Vastu for business cards, you are getting a hefty amount of money slip right through your hands by just handing out your business cards that do not give any sales effect on your company. With the help and guidance of Business Card Numerology, you can design your visiting card which can evolve your business. Business visiting cards are used every day but still, most businessmen and entrepreneurs don’t give much thought about designing it. Most people consider a business visiting card as just a piece of little paper on which their name and their company details are printed.

Business Card Numerology

Numerology is a system for numbers interpreting along with alphabets. An attractive and designer business card is important but it can be more helpful if numerology elements are added to the design. So, make sure your business card is designed as per Vastu Shastra. Keep in your mind that the business card represents your business image and your attitude toward your business. Business cards and logos are valuable aspects of business marketing. It requires careful effort while designing. Hence, a card that is carefully designed while considering the Numerology elements becomes an essential part of any business marketing strategy. Your business card should have a compelling image and convincing message. According to business card numerology let your business visiting card create an instant impact on the mind of people who receive it. Nowadays people get a lot of business cards but how many of them do you keep? If someone gets your business card, make sure they do not forget from whom they got it. Let your business card advertise your company, your business, and your services for you. Generally, people put more trust into printed communication than verbal communication. It shows professionalism & authority, it also allows you to project a glimpse of how you deliver your products and services. You have put so much money into your business and I am sure you want to make the most money out of it. For this, your business visiting card acts as a silent salesman for your company. If you want above-average sales, don’t you think your business visiting card also needs an above-average design. In the modern business world, most of the tasks and activities are in digital forms like sending emails, saving important documents, business meetings, and even reports. But a business card is one of the most valuable communication tools which cannot be replaced by any digital channels. When you hand out a business card to a client or a customer, it is considered a highly personalized form of networking and marketing. Digital communication may have many advantages but it lacks several essential elements like initial talk, body language, facial expressions, authenticity, and also handshakes. However, if you rely on digital communication, you will miss out on making any genuine connection. A mobile computer cannot look into your customer’s eyes and convey authenticity and trust.

Here are some points to design your visiting card with the right Business Card Numerology:

  • Cards are classified into two types horizontal and vertical cards. A horizontal card mainly indicates the stability of your business. On the other hand, the vertical card indicates the success and growth of your company.
  • Each color symbolizes a different element like fire, earth, water, wind, and space. The color of your business card and logo will affect the success of your business. If you pick the right color to represent your business you will have more success. 
  • Business visiting cards should be designed according to your business element and your profession. For example, if you work in furniture, education, hospital, or designing studio your element is wood and if you work in real estate, financial, or accounting business your business element is earth.
  • The choice of color depends on your business. For example, the colors green and blue are very calming, so if you’re in business related to pharmaceuticals, you should use these colors. Yellow and brown colors can be used for construction industries as it indicates earth elements.
  • The company logo is one of the most important parts of your business visiting card. Do not use sharp points in the logo because such logos attract negative energy and have an adverse effect on your business. Also, avoid using spikes, knives, and swords for your logo.
  • The name of your company should be written in bigger and bolder fonts to indicate the truthfulness, honesty, and strength of the company. Make sure your name should follow the name of your company. This signifies the authenticity of the business.
  • Your business card should be designed with rounded and curved shapes and your business card should authenticate the type of your business. The font of the card should be readable and give correct information.
  • The most important part of your business card is the logo and it should be placed in the northeast or South-east direction. And, the South or South-west direction should be used to list your name and designation.

The bottom of your business visiting card is used for additional and less important information.

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