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Moving to a new home or reconstructing an existing one. We put a great deal of energy and effort, into designing and remodeling our home. It is because we want our home to be attractive and presentable to others. We give importance to the areas like living room, kitchen & bedrooms.

Bathrooms and toilets are the most neglected place but the thing is we need to give equal importance to every place in our house because every space can be shaped to give positive energy. Vastu Shastra has a precise remedy for every area in your house whether it is the children’s bedroom, the kitchen, or the home office.

Vastu Shastra also dictates the right spot for placing your furniture in the house. There are also Vastu tips and rules for bathroom & toilet in terms of various aspects and problems. Toilets & bathrooms have chances to become the source of negative energy at home as they are often not given more importance.

As per Vastu Shastra, the bathrooms in the home must be separate and not attached but the space for living is limited thus, the attached bathrooms & toilet have found a way into our home. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t do Vastu for the attached bathroom in your home.

If our bathroom & toilet is not Vastu compliant it can lead to financial issues, loss of wealth, health issues, stress, or even minor accidents.

Hence, here are some Vastu tips for bathroom and toilet to prevent any kind of negativity in your home:

1.) The best location for the bathroom is in the North-west part, it can be located in the East or the West direction but never in the North-east or the Centre part of the house because this brings negative energy in the home.

If you simply need a bathroom, remember that East is ideal, followed by West or North-West. However, if it is connected to a toilet, the best direction is north-west, however it can also be in the south or south-west or west.

2.) Never build a bathroom in front of the Pooja room or the kitchen. According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered disrespectful and creates a negative vibe in the house.

3.) According to Vastu Shastra, the bathroom should never be located in the Brahmasthan, which is a special central zone of the building drawn from each corner of the house.

4.) The bathroom should never share the walls with the kitchen and the bedroom. If it is located next to the bedroom, trying to put a wardrobe on that wall will help prevent negative energy from entering the bedroom.

5.) According to Vastu Shastra, the water closet should be on the North-south axis only. According to Vashistha Smriti, migrating disease occurs due to urinating in the east facing in daytime and west facing stool at night.

6.) The ideal place to put a septic tank is in the Western the Northwest direction.

7.) The ideal direction to put the commode is in the North or the Northwest direction. According to Vastu Shastra, it is best for the elimination of waste and toxins.

8.) Do not face the East or the West while using the commode as it can cause negative effects. Never place the commode in the South-west direction of the room.

9.) According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal direction for the outlet of water and drainage in the bathroom is the North, the East, or the North-east.

10.) The water should flow from the South-west and drain into the northeast. The bathroom floor should slope in the same direction so that the water drains from the same direction.

11.) The bathroom should not be compact and must have proper space. It should be well ventilated to allow the flow of fresh air. And the shower area must be in the East, the North, or the North-east part of the bathroom.

12.) The ideal place for the window in the bathroom is the East or the North-east to ensure fresh air and sunlight in the morning. As per Vastu Shastra sunlight is the best disinfectant and cleanser.

13.) The best direction to place the mirror in the bathroom is the East or the West. And, the exhaust fan should be also placed in the East direction.

14.) According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal color for the bathroom is earthy colors like brown, beige & cream. Try to avoid dark colors.

15.) The ideal head position of the bathtub is in the South direction. As per Vastu Shastra, it helps to clear confusion and relax your mind.

16.) The bathroom door must be made of wood because it is considered a good conductor of positive energy. Never use a metallic door in the bathroom.

17.) As per Vastu Shastra always keep the lid of the water closet and the bathroom door closed when it is not in use. It will prevent negative waste energy from invading your home.

18.) The bathroom should be properly lit so give proper attention to the light fixtures and fitting. You can store water or tap in the East, the North, or the North-east direction of the room.

19.) Leaking taps and dampness in the walls or the ceiling should be immediately fixed. According to Vastu Shastra, this indicates the loss of positive energy from the home.

20.) If you have an attached bathroom, try to place it to the West or the North West direction. and make sure that the bathroom should not face the bed.

21.) According to Vastu Shastra, never put any decorative statues of the religious idol on the bathroom door.

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