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One of the most important components of a house is a drawing-room. You can say it is the heart of the house because family members spent most of their time here and it is also used to entertain guests.

Most of the happy times are spent in the drawing-room. The drawing room is a key feature of the house which makes it favorable or unfavorable for residence. Whether it is a modern house or a traditional one, it always consists of a drawing-room.

The simple reason for it is humans are social animals by nature, we need a place to socialize and spend some quality time with our family.

The drawing room is the first room of the house, which is used for many purposes. The drawing room is the center of the house and wants to decorate and design delicately. It is not just about decor, the room has to give comfort and a pleasant feel to everyone.

Vastu for a drawing room is extremely important, it deals with the proper setting of your drawing room so that it can harness positive energy from the environment and make it healthy & prosperous for living. Vastu Shastra gives some amazing advice on how to construct and decorate a drawing-room in your house.

Follow these guidelines to make your drawing room a positive and happy place full of fun and memories.

Vastu Tips for Drawing Room: 18 ways to boost productivity

  1. Since the drawing room is in the front of the house, the best direction to place a drawing room is in the North-west, the North, or the East direction of the house.
  2. As per Vastu Shastra, the most beneficial direction for a drawing room is in the North-west because this direction is ruled by the moon and belongs to the elements of the earth which don’t let negativity stay in the house.
  3. The North direction drawing room is also considered auspicious because this direction is controlled by planet mercury, which rules speech. It leads to communication and thus the formation of happy relationships
  4. The East direction drawing room is empowering because this direction is ruled by the sun. Which indicates enlightenment, energy, and a new beginning.
  5. According to Vastu Shastra, the best place to keep the door of a drawing room is in the Northern and Eastern directions of the room. Never place the door in the South direction; it can bring negativity.
  6. The North, the East, and the North-east part of the room should be always left open. This direction brings positivity and peace so there should be no hindrance. Also, the Brahmasthan, the center of the room, should be empty.
  7. We keep furniture in our room to make it look attractive but make sure while placing the furniture to keep them away from dangerous edges. The main reason to save furniture from damage is because it keeps you from getting hurt.
  8. The heavy furniture should be placed in the South, the West, or the South-west corner of the room. And light and hollow furniture should be placed in the East or the North direction of the room.
  9. According to Vastu Shastra, the furniture must be of regular shape like a square rectangle because it is considered auspicious. No irregular-shaped furniture should be used in the drawing-room.
  10. A drawing room is incomplete without a beautiful sofa set. The best place to keep the sofa set is in the South or the West wall. The head of the family should always sit in the South-west facing the North or the East.
  11. Many people keep a television in the drawing-room when there is no other place to keep it. The best direction to keep a television is in the South-east corner of the drawing-room.
  12. Nowadays there is no room without an air conditioner or a cooler. The best place to fix an air conditioner is in the North-west or the West corner of the room. Because west walls got heated up during the night.
  13. A chandelier is auspicious because it absorbs the negative energy brought in by a visitor. The ideal place to keep a chandelier is towards the West rather than the center of the room because the gravitational force created by chandeliers should not fall on the Brahmasthan.
  14. Having a fireplace in the drawing-room is considered vintage and royal. The best place to keep a fireplace is in the South-east or the North-west direction. Try to avoid the South-west and the Northeast direction.
  15. Nowadays people are into fashion so they like to see their appearance so often. You can keep a mirror in the drawing-room the ideal direction to place it is in the Northern or the Eastern wall.
  16. Pictures of god should not be placed in the drawing-room. Only the photo and painting of Lord Ganesh can be displayed above the entrance door.
  17. You can keep painting and statues in the drawing-room to make it look beautiful and serene. Make sure the status and painting should indicate positivity, love, and peace.
  18. Colors play an important role in enlightening the environment. The walls of the drawing-room should be painted with light and bright colors like white, blue yellow. Avoid dark colors like red and black.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to build a great drawing-room. Try these tips by TrueVastu and make sure to live a happy and joyful life.