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17 Extremely Helpful Vastu Tips for Apartments!

The Indian architectonics of Vastu Shastra has been a long-time cornerstone for classifying and developing the very best living spaces. Vastu for flats has since gained a lot of popularity in the realty industry as it helps to identify the best locations, land, and facilities for residential and commercial use.

Why Vastu?


There are several well-known and effective guidelines established by Vastu Shastra, which must be followed to ensure a peaceful environment for the flat. Nowadays, having a bigger house is getting difficult, by the day, because there are less land and more people. Vastu-compatible houses and land help residents live their lives with greater happiness, wealth, and health.

However, whatever is the size of the house (small or large), its principal purpose is that it must satisfy its owner. To ensure that this feeling of satisfaction and pride is never affected by the negativity in the flat, you must follow the various Vastu’s bits of advice. Vastu for flat suggests a specific use of plants, colors, indications, and other decorative accessories needed to nullify the evil effects.

Many people still think that Vastu is not a key element to consider just because their house does not touch the floor (that is, their flat is not on the ground floor), but history clearly suggests that Vastu does not work that way. No matter how many storeys you have, you will always be associated with the ground.

How to check Vastu for your flats?

The most commonly asked question nowadays is how does one check the Vastu of his/her flat? To answer this question, TrueVastu has compiled the following points and guidelines to follow, which would ensure a good and positive environment for your flat.

So, follow these tips listed by TrueVastu’s experts, which would help you find the perfect Vastu-complaint flat!

1.) Vastu for flat entrance suggests to have the main entrance of the flat in the north or east direction only as this will invite positive energies into your flat. You must also ensure that the main entrance of the house doesn’t directly open in front of the lift.

2.) If you have to keep a pooja room in your flat, the idols must be placed in the northeast corner.

3.) Vastu Shastra for flats indicates to strictly avoid residing in flats that are oddly shaped. Square-shaped or rectangular-shaped flats are best for Vastu.

4.) For overhead tanks, the west direction is advised, whereas, for underground tanks, the northeast direction must be preferred.

5.) TrueVastu suggests you have the master bedroom in the southwest corner, whereas if you have kids, then the northwest corner would be best suited for their room.

6.) Bathrooms of the flat must be constructed in the west or south direction only.

7.) You must avoid purchasing a flat that has a water body in its south or west direction.

8.) The drawing room of the flat must only be constructed in the west, northwest or south direction.

9.) If you are a frequent traveller, that is, if you won’t spend a lot of time at the flat, then you should prefer those properties which have a considerable amount of open space on the east or northeast side, and the flat must be so that it slopes from southwest to northeast.

10.) You should preferably buy a flat that has a lawn, pumps, or a well in the northeast direction.

11.) Every property has a watchman, and as safety is everyone’s top priority, it must be ensured that the watchman’s cabin is strictly not constructed in the northeast corner of the property.

12.) The kitchen must be in the southwest direction of the property.

13.) The study room of the house must be in the west of southwest, east, north, northwest, or northeast corner only.

14.) The guest room, if constructed, must be in the northwest direction of the property.

15.) Ensure that you count the number of windows of the flat. If it is even in number, then check if they open inwards or not. If the flat fulfills both of these conditions, then you should go ahead with the purchase. Another thing to keep in mind is that ensure that the windows open in the east or northeast direction as this will ensure that the positive energy stays in instead of going out.

16.) The storeroom of the flat must be in the southwest direction. Also, the dustbins and the garbage must be completely covered and kept in the southwest direction only.

17.) The balcony of the house should be made in the east, north, or northeast direction of the property.

If you ensure that you keep these tips in mind, you will find the perfect Vastu-complaisant flat for you. For more such tips, visit us on TrueVastu.