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Houses that are multi-storey in nature require structures to cover the vertical space between them. Staircases – or stairs for short – are an important part of every multi-storey house as they allow you to move from one level of the home to another level with ease. Stairs come in a variety of shapes and are made up of different materials like concrete, wood, etc. However, before choosing a characteristic, size, or direction, make sure your staircase blueprint has been checked with Vastu for staircase. The design of a stairway may not always attract as much attention as the rest of the house. However, an incorrectly built staircase can attract negative energies and ward off the positive spirits from any other Vastu principles you have applied to the rest of your home. On the other hand, a well-designed staircase can bring wealth, health, and tranquility to your home. There have been several instances where the occupants of a house faced serious money and health-related issues, and when Vastu analysis was conducted for the house, it was evident that the stairs of the household were not designed with Vastu kept in mind. Vastu non-compliant stairs can lead to financial issues like debt or bankruptcy. Moreover, it can also lead to a high frequency of minor as well as lethal accidents or the ill-health of children in a family. Bad Vastu also leads to conflict within the family members, mental tension, and stress.

But, don’t worry as TrueVastu has compiled a list of vastu tips for staircase, which must be kept in mind while constructing one in your house!

1.) The most preferred area for the staircase is south, west, and southwest, and placing doors at the start and the end of the staircase is recommended.

2.) The northeast direction and the Brahmasthan of a house are strictly prohibited by Vastu for placing the staircase as stairs in the northeast lead to loss of wealth and health.

3.) Due to the paucity of space, stairs in the southeast or northwest direction are somewhat acceptable. However, the staircase should rise from east to west or from north to south, and not vice-versa in any case.

4.) The staircase should run clockwise only, and the number of steps should always be odd in number and never end with a zero at the end.

5.) Circular staircases are considered inauspicious because circles represent death in Indian mythology. For the same reason, a staircase should not encircle the whole house, and TrueVastu suggests building square and rectangular staircases with bends at right angles.

6.) Landlords who live on the ground floor and have rented the upper floor to a tenant must ensure that there are no stairs directly in front of the main entrance. According to Vastu, this can lead to financial losses.

7.) There should not be a common staircase for going upstairs and to the basement, and you must ensure that the uppermost staircase has a roof. It is also suggested that this roof is sloped towards the east or north.

8.) The uppermost landing door should be 9-12 inches shorter in length than the lowest landing door.

9.) Often in some houses, the empty space below the stairs is utilised as a small kitchen, bathroom, or pooja room. Sometimes, this space is used as a workstation, however, this must be avoided at all costs.

The space below the stairs should not be used for anything else except storage, and you should never keep valuable items, such as money or ornaments, in this room.

10.) The staircase should not originate from the kitchen, pooja room, or strong room.

11.) The staircase should be maintained in a good condition at all times. Any repairs required should be done immediately as broken stairs lead to further conflicts within the residents of the house, or may also lead to accidents.

12.) The staircase should not be seen from the main entrance of the house, nor should it be directly in front of the main entrance, since such a staircase disturbs the peace and harmony of the house.

13.) Avoid painting the stairs with dark shades. Light shades should be your only choice to colour the stairs, and the walls around the staircase can be decorated with wallpaper of your choice, but not a dark-coloured one.

14.) Even if the stairs are built in the best place, that is, in the southwest direction of the house, and there is a room available at the end of the stairs, no one should occupy the room.

If someone occupies the room, then they would suffer from rare diseases and, therefore, this should be avoided at all costs.

If you follow these tips, we can assure you that you will reap the benefits of having a Vastu-compliant staircase in your house! For more such tips, visit us at TrueVastu.