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Vastu Shastra states that a balcony plays a vital role in stabilizing the overall flow of energy inside the house. Having a Vastu-compliant balcony is very important as a wrongly constructed balcony could cancel out all the zest flowing throughout the household. It could even lead to fights between the occupants of the house or some problems every now and then. As the saying goes, ‘A good day starts with a fresh and beautiful morning’, people look forward to starting their day on a positive note. But, with increasing modernization, people are shifting towards apartments or flats with cramped spaces where there is a lack of fresh air and sunlight. Balconies are special because one starts his/her day here with a breath of fresh air and a cup of coffee for company, whereas others look at balconies as a necessity while searching for a place to call ‘home’. It not only completes your home but also allows you to add that special corner. A balcony placed in the correct direction can further intensify the flow of positive vibes, whereas if built in the wrong direction, it can hamper the flow of these positive vibes.

TrueVastu suggests you follow the following Vastu tips for balcony, which would, in turn, lead to a balcony that complies with different principles of Vastu Shastra:

1.) The correct positioning of the balcony plays a vital role in the balance of relationships and in enhancing the beauty of the home. According to Vastu Shastra, the balcony should be in the east, north, or northeast zone of the main building.

The north and east sides of the house are exposed to the air and sun in the morning and evening, making the area warm and comfortable to sit in, while the south and west sides are considered inauspicious, so strictly avoid building a balcony in these zones.

2.) People often use balconies for utility purposes and put washing machines there. Make certain that the holes made  or draining the water are never placed in the southwest area of ​​your balconies, as this can lead to the exhaustion of the riches of the family who lives in the house.

3.) The balcony should be in the shape of a square or rectangular only. The walls should always meet at ninety degrees, and you should prohibit having rounded-off corners.

4.) The balcony is an open space to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature. People usually have a habit of reading the newspaper with a cup of tea in the morning. Therefore, it is crucial to place the right furniture for the balcony.

A particular selection of furniture is available for different verandas. Vastu suggests placing heavy furniture such as chairs, stools, small sofas, and a table in the southwest corner of the balcony. You can also hang a swing on the porch for relaxing and good-looking chairs and stools for the kids.

5.) Sitting arrangement in the balcony, if any, should only be in the south and west part.Swing in such a way that the face is East or North when seated.

6.) Building a balcony that protrudes out of the house is never good as doing so expands the inauspicious directions of the house.

7.) Presentation is a very important thing today. People follow definitive formulas to store fewer things but present them with elegance to impress people. TrueVastu recommends placing minute flower pots in the north, east, or northeast zone of the balcony.

8.) You can play with colors, decorative and creative objects, furniture, or plants, to make your balcony a pleasant and peaceful place to spend quality moments. Vastu recommends you keep small plants on the northeast side of the balcony so they can enjoy the light and air needed for growth.

9.) According to Vastu Shastra, it is better to use calm colors like blue, cream, white, light pink, and green for the walls of the balcony. Strictly avoid usage of dark colours for the balcony.

10.) Sometimes it is so nice to sit under the stars and enjoy a quiet moment looking up at the sky. Many people have a habit of sitting on the porch after dinner and talking about the day. However, sitting in the dark leads to negativity, which is why porch lighting is so crucial.

Vastu recommends using pretty balcony lamps that don’t emit a lot of light. High beams kill the mood and are also bad for the eyes. So choose the right lights and make your balcony a calm and peaceful environment to spend time in.

11.) Vastu Shastra also suggests the use of marble and wooden furniture for the balcony. If metal furniture is used, it will burn your body due to the heat, and moreover, the storage of plastic furniture looks cheap, and it is also harmful to the environment.

To make your balcony beautiful, you can use a marble table and wooden chairs or opt for a custom-designed wooden balcony set.

In short, a balcony acts as a link between the family of the house and the environment. To make the connection more peaceful and profound, consider building a beautiful, quiet, and relaxing balcony using TrueVastu‘s tips above. For more such Vastu tips on different subjects, visit us on TrueVastu.