Vastu, the science of architecture, holds utmost importance in our day-to-day life.

'Mayamatam' happens to be oldest text that exclusively highlights Vastu and its importance. It was later translated to Sanskrit, so as to ensure to spread the word to the masses. Before this Vastu has partly been explained in many puranas and shastra like MatsyaPuraan, Vishnu Puraan, Garuda Puraan, Agni Puraan, Brihatsanhita, Samrangan Sutradhar, Vasturajvallabh etc. Vastu aspects are even mentioned in epics like Mahabhaarat and Ramaayana.

Its importance can be understood with the fact that the target home (Laakshya-Grah) built in Mahabharat was intentionally made against the rules of architecture, and this resulted in the mishap and fight later.

Similarly, in Ramayan the fury chamber (kopebhavan) was built in a direction that later gave birth to the situation of Dasharath agreeing to Kunti's demand and sending Lord Rama to exile.

Vastu conveys us to follow the directions and additionally explains the placement of rooms in specific directions.

VastuShastras incorporate traditional Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs; and represents a body of ancient concepts and knowledge to many modern architects, a guideline but not a rigid code.

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