Do you find your professional life to be stagnant?

Do you see a recent change in your behaviour and find it weird?

Are things not working out well for you?

Do you witness slowness in all your works?

Have you witnessed strained relations post shifting in a new office?

Do you face health problems pretty regularly?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a Yes, then you need to consult a Vastu expert.

According to beliefs, every place has its energy mechanism; and when we start living at a place, it starts impacting us too. These energies influence not just our living style but also our mind-set. Hence, it's very important to be at a place that is full of positive energy.

The aim for each one of us is to live a life with all goods and also carry all the responsibilities in the best possible way. And to meet all this, we need to have basic necessities met; out of which one is a house. A house when good, gives all the positive vibrations to us and helps deal with all the challenges in the best possible way. On the other hand, if the house that we stay doesn't support us, then our life becomes miserable.

Let's create a different scenario and see if our planets support us or the dates that we are born at are favourable, then we not just enjoy every bit of it, but also lead a peaceful life. Alternately, if they don't support and start creating hurdles, then we keep witnessing challenges in our day-to-day life and seek support from all the sides and in all the matters.

Having a smooth life is something that may not happen always, but working on the pain points and resolving those can definitely happen. A true consultant or guide, is someone who guides us to get the best of life and helps us sail through the odds in the best possible manner. It further helps to resolve all the mysteries of life and fetch the best to us.

And hence comes Vastu!

Vastu is not important for living; instead it is important for better living, healthier and happier life.

The Universe is full of matter and energy, and we are part of the Universe, hence we too have these within us. Energy can further be claimed as positive or negative, which ends up playing an important part in our day-to-day life.

Did you know that people around us, the place we stay, sit, work, eat, talk have got the ability to absorb and also emit energies. People who have positivity within and produce positive energies, appeal us; and people who don't do so, resist us. Similar is the case with places too. Places with positivity within, support our wish/dreams and help us fulfil those; whereas places that lack positive energy, emit a laid back approach and create hindrance.

Vastu here plays a very vital role, and not just helps us identify the important areas that one should follow but also helps in placement of objects in the right direction.

True VastuTM, a brand that is not just a place to seek answers to your unsolved mysteries of life, but is a Mission. A mission to give the best to the society.

Best of everything in the field of Occult Science.

Formed with a thought to help our extended family members in the global arena, True VastuTM provides consultation and training on Vastu, Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry.

It is the brainchild of Mr. Indrrajeet Kashyap, who has dedicated over two decades of his life researching in this field. Awarded as the best international Vastu and Numerology expert, Mr. Kashyap, provides his profound guidance under the umbrella of True VastuTM. He additionally is the Co-Founder of All India Institute of Occult Science, and is committed to spread the divine knowledge, so as to let all benefit from it.

Forming True VastuTM has been with a thought to help everyone overcome the challenges that they face in life because of not adhering to certain rules and regulations defined in the Vedas.

It's a firm belief that sticking to certain principles, respecting each of the directions and giving the planets its due respect, helps every human being live a worry-free life. The universe is but one family, and giving all its due respect ensures happiness around; and this is what the basis of forming True VastuTM is.

When looked around we can find many Vastu consultants who'll assure quick and cheap services and remedies, but to identify the right one is a daunting task. By running behind and around the fake ones, one not just wastes more time and money, but also continues to live with the problems. Hence, one should not just look at the price tag but also the knowledge level of the consultant, when deciding to consult.

True VastuTM extends its help at each and every step, and for all of the following:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Religious

    We help in identifying the right plot for construction. Not just by inspecting the plot but also the surrounding, testifying the soil, working on a good date (mahurat) to start the things, assess the layout and much more. Vastu when adhered to helps in:

  • Achieving our dreams
  • Abundance of money
  • Leading a happy life
  • Proper growth in our professional life
  • Create new opportunities
  • Bring internal peace
  • And much more