1. Stairs in North-East invite brain haemorrhage.

2. Never keep medicines in your kitchen.

3. Medicines should be kept in N-NE direction.

4. Practice worship and meditation daily. This not just keeps the mind at peace but also brings positivity in the house.

5. Mirrors in bedroom should be avoided.

6. Unwanted picture frames shouldn't be kept at home.

7. Pictures of crying lady, tragedy, eagle, war, anger, etc. invite trouble.

8. Do not keep brooms in and/or near kitchens.

9. The centre (bramhsthan) of the house should be kept empty. More so because centre of the house is considered to be highly sensitive and if there's any pillar here then this leads to total destruction.

10. Common wall between the kitchen and toilet demands immediate remedy, as this leads to increased diseases to the family members.

11. The door of the kitchen should not face the toilet.

12. Pooja room must never be placed beside toilet and must not be placed above or below the toilet or bathroom.

13. Water Fountain when placed in the right direction, brings abundance.

14. Keeping unused or less used stuff on the terrace has ill effects and creates hindrance in our life.

15. Keep all electrical/heat generating appliances in the SE corner of the room.

16. Keep all electrical/heat generating appliances in the SE corner of the room.

17. The kitchen should not be directly in front of the main door.

18. Your main door should not be opposite the main door of another house.

19. Do not sit or sleep under a beam.

20. Walls along the SW should be thicker as compared to walls along the NE.

21. It is good to stick a happy family photograph or picture inside your living room.

22. Timing must be given a great weightage. Right muhurt must be checked before starting construction of a new house or before moving into a new house.

23. There shouldn't be any toilet in NE, E, N and centre (brahmasthan) of the house.

24. Toilet in the wrong direction is not auspicious and gives bad results. For e.g. Toilet in NE impacts prosperity, and brings child related problems (not able to conceive, hurdles in studies of the child, or child suffering from disease).

25. Using toilet facing east during the day and facing west during the night results in the individual having migraine.

26. Kitchen in the wrong direction has its own effects. For e.g. SW kitchen results in losses, tension and accidents related to fire.

27. One should not eat while facing a wrong direction. For e.g. facing west while having food results in diseases.

28. One should sleep keeping the head in the right direction. For e.g. keeping the head in north results in lack of sleep, diseases and reduces the age of the person.

29. Kids room shouldn't be in the SW direction. This makes the kid stubborn, and they won't respect the elders and will not listen to them.

30. One should not study facing South or West.

31. Boring well or underground tank when in wrong direction gives bad results. For e.g. when in SW direction gives death or fear from death.

32. Overhead tank should also be placed keeping Vastu in mind. For e.g. when in SE results in unnecessary arguments, loss of wealth and miscarriages.

33. Aquarium should not be kept at home. This results in bad karma. A lot of Vastu experts because of lack of knowledge, advise to keep an aquarium at home, which is a big mistake.

34. Tulsi plant holds prime importance at home, but this should never be kept in South direction.

35. Temple, T-point, tree, electric pole, mud, flowing water, well, etc. should be there in front of the main entrance. These have their own ill effects, for e.g. tree in-front of the main entrance brings ill effects to the children at homeA lift in-front of main door impacts the fate and future of the head of family.

36. Shoe rack, broom, dustbin should never be placed in NE, E, N and centre of the house.

37. Vastu holds prime importance for plants and trees too. Milk giving plants should not be kept at home.

38. Thorny plants should not be kept/planted at home or in-front of the entrance.

39. Malti (honeysuckle or Rangoon creeper), Mallika (Jasmine), Kapas (cotton plant), Imli (Tamarind), Shweta (White silk cotton), and Aparajita (Blue-pea or Butterfly pea) when planted at home results in death of the head of the family by a weapon.

40. Business should be started/initiated a the right muhurt (time).

41. Soil of the place where one decides to build a factory should be lively/alive. This should be checked keeping Vastu in mind.

42. In businesses, staff and the business owner should sit in the right direction. When seated in wrong direction, it results in attrition and staff being arrogant.

43. In businesses, proper attention should be given to places where a customer sits/stands, business owner sits, sales staff sits and where cash counter is kept. All these when assigned in the right direction/s help in the growth of the business.

44. An obstruction in-front of entrance of the business unit results in tension and slowdowns.

45. Vastu plays an important role in factories too. When considered, this definitely gives good growth.

46. One should never block/close NW part of the factory. This results in slowdowns.

47. Goods/Articles ready to be sold/dispatched should never be kept in SW direction.

48. A mountain, large building, tree, etc. in South or West direction of the plot is considered auspicious.

49. Large building, mountain, tree, etc. in North or East of the plot is considered inauspicious.

50. Crematorium, graveyard, etc. near the plot is considered highly inauspicious.

51. A plot that has excellent surrounding, pleases the eye, and brings satisfaction is considered to be good. But this should be done with a pure thought and by keeping the Almighty in mind; and not with some greed and selfishness.