Frequently Asked Questions

1. We've already done Vastu for our house and factory, but still haven't seen any positive impact of it. Why?

Ans : It is not possible that the construction of house and factory happens as per Vastu, and there's no benefit, or positive outcome of it. This means that the Vastu Consultant identified was not right. In today's date almost everyone calls them a Vastu expert; hence right or wrong is something that we should use our intelligence to decide. Even if you are buying a shirt, you choose it after too much of inspection, then this is a matter of you and your kids' life, future and prosperity. Use your thought process and logic to identify the best Vastu consultant for you.

2. One of my friend's house is completely against Vastu and yet he is succeeding; whereas another friend of mine has a house constructed as per Vastu, but is struggling. What do you have to say about it?

Ans : Time is one factor that plays a vital role too. Your friend who is staying in a house against Vastu and is successful, is because he is riding on his luck and good times. Once the time changes, he will face all the problems and will experience the negative effects of staying at a place that's against Vastu. The friend who is currently facing problems and is staying in a house which is as per Vastu, must be having a tough time in the current scenario. Once the time becomes normal, he will see the difference and will flourish with each passing day. The only thing to note in both these scenarios is correct Vastu; more so because there are many who claim to be good, but because of less knowledge they all end-up giving wrong suggestions.

3. Is it necessary to follow Vastu for both house and business?

Ans : If you are aiming for a holistic growth, then it is very important to adhere to Vastu for both house and business. When followed for both house and business, it not only helps in your growth but also ensures growth of the entire family.

4. What is the importance of Muhurat in Vastu?

Ans : Vedic saints have said that if any task is to completed without any stoppages and with great success, then it must be started in the right muhurat (time). Let's dig a little deep and understand it: MuhuratChintamani (a book on muhurat) 12/28 clearly states that if construction of the house is initiated at a time, when Saturn (shani) is present in any of the following six nakshatras, i.e. Purvabhadra, Uttarabhadra, Jyeshtha, Anuradha, Swati and Bharani; or if the day is a Saturday, then this house attracts ghosts, demons and negativities. In today's date, we either don't follow muhurat or consult a priest from the nearest temple, which is not right. It's the same as approaching a dentist for any skin related problem. Muhurat is a detailed subject and requires understanding of each and every aspect before recommending, hence must be done in a thorough way. A priest's work is Karmkanda and not identifying the right muhurat. The future of a house, business and factory largely depends on when it got started and how it was done. If it's done in the right muhurat and in the best possible way, with correct Vastu in place, then it is sure to give the best results.

5. What is the outcome of a toilet in NE?

Ans : Toilet in NE is highly inauspicious for an individual. This impacts the overall prosperity OR brings health related problems OR is inauspicious for kids. Problems like, not having kids OR not having make child OR kids having some disease OR stoppages in the study of kids OR hurdles in kid's career OR kid's facing problems because of some reason.

6. Is Vastu not applicable on very small or very large plots?

Ans : Vastu originates from the Sanskrit term Vas, which literally means where a person dwells/stays. Whether it's a small plot or a fairly large one, Vastu applies everywhere and gives its appropriate results. Hence, if Vastu is followed everywhere irrespective of the size of the plot, then it brings prosperity and happiness.

7. Is it really possible to construct a house following Vastu?

Ans : Any house, business or factory can very well be constructed by following Vastu in it. In today's date, we spent lakhs and crores to construct a house, but don't find any importance in spending for Vastu. No matter how expensive a thing we keep at home, it cannot bring Prosperity in our life; however if Vastu is followed, the house is definitely going to bring Happiness, Peace and Prosperity.

8. What will happen if kitchen is in the middle of the house?

Ans : Kitchen in the middle of the house, i.e. Brahmasthan brings health related problems to the head of the family and also the family members

9. I have purchased a house keeping investment in mind. Will the Vastu of this house affect me?

Ans : If you are not staying in that house, then you need not worry, as it will not have any positive or negative effect on you or your family members. But if Vastu of that house is not correct, then you will face problems in selling it later and it will also not give good profit.

10. If there is Vastu dosh in my house and I want to consult you, then what kind of remedies do you suggest?

Ans : This question demands a more clear . So to elaborate, there are two types of remedies that can happen. For e.g. a boil in the hand can be cured by medicine or by a small surgery; whereas a more serious concern and that too at the last stage would demand amputation of the hand. Similarly, a remedy can be suggested post inspecting the place. The basic aim of True VastuTM is to help you lead a successful, peaceful life. A life that brings prosperity, and that is what we will do with our remedy.