The study of planetary positions and its motion to interpret an individual's life path, major events, nature, and so on, is termed as Astrology. Originated from the latin word Astrologia, that means star-divination, is an age old marvel that helps one get a feel of how his/her life would be. It is a mechanism used in modern days to predict the future and resolve any undue situations expected in future.

Astrology's principle is that the planetary movements influence the Moments in Time. And since we are all part of this universe, our birth time recorded makes a huge impact on our life path. Since, the planets keep moving through the year, hence they make an impact on our life.

Astrology is also an incredible tool for self-realization, no matter how far we decide to take it. Initially it might appear out of place, but when we continue to follow the track, it will be good and fruitful too.

It not just has the ability to predict any misdeeds likely to happen in future but can also help in providing remedies to either overcome that situation or lessen its impact.

True VastuTM shoulders the responsibility to not just help all who are in need, but also spread awareness that stars do stand by us and are there to support us. With a team experiencing over five decades, we are dedicated to give the best solution so as to help overcome the problems and sail through odd situations in a smooth way.