True VastuTM is a brand for life.

The reason we say life, is because we believe in a happy life for all around us. A life filled with happiness, success, contentment and prosperity. And all these by ensuring a balance within all elements, respecting the directions, ensuring proper consideration of the planets and respective Gods.

At True VastuTM we firmly believe that giving value to all these not just helps us lead a happy life, but also raises positivity of the individual and the place. And an environment filled with positivity controls the mind-set of the members present there.

Each of the places have different forms of energies imbibed within them. Adhering to Vastu principles is something that ensures to maintain the true form and infuse positivity at the place. It's an age old principle that has been practiced since ancient age and has also been mentioned in the Vedas. Vastu is not just followed for houses but also for offices, garden, temples, factories, hospitals, and so on. Since, it literally means where a person dwells (Vas-tu) it does play a major role in each of our lives, irrespective of what we do and where do we stay.

We at True VastuTM provide thorough guidance with utmost clarity and by following all the learnings given in the Vedas.

Our motto is to provide guidance for better living, and that is what we closely adhere to.

True VastuTM for better living.