According to beliefs, every place has its energy mechanism; and when we start living at a place, it starts impacting us too. These energies influence not just our living style but also our mind-set. Hence, it's very important to be at a place that is full of positive energy.

The aim for each one of us is to live a life with all goods and also carry all the responsibilities in the best possible way. And to meet all this, we need to have basic necessities met; out of which one is a house. A house when good, gives all the positive vibrations to us and helps deal with all the challenges in the best possible way. On the other hand, if the house that we stay doesn't support us, then our life becomes miserable.

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True VastuTM has been formed with a thought process to help everyone lead a peaceful life. During the process, we not just do consultation but also conduct workshops and seminars to help one get equipped with the basic-know of this science and also gain expertise, so as to ensure that they don't have to rely on anyone to get the answers to their queries and they themselves can find the best for them and also for their family. True VastuTM as a brand felicitates those who have contributed to the society in the best possible way.

True VastuTM provides practical training and ensures that every individual going through a detailed study gets the first-hand experience of Vastu and other related fields. We not just do classroom study, but also give exposure with site visits by performing Vastu visits and giving tips during the same. We additionally ensure that the site visits conducted by us is a detailed one, wherein we get involved by ensuring a proper team visit, wherein guidance is not just given on the selection of the site, but also placing of objects basis the direction.

During our Vastu consultancy at the initial stage, we do ensure that land purification is something that gets conducted by us in a thorough way. Land purification, which we advise to be done as per Vedas and give utmost care to each and every step required to follow. We additionally ensure our presence throughout the process, so as to make sure that nothing is missed and on top of it all, our clients get the best value for money.

Right from providing guidance at each and every step, to helping all get the best out of every situation, is what we do and adhere to. This is very closely monitored and driven by
Mr. Indrrajeet Kashyap, Founder Director of True VASTUTM.

Mr. Kashyap is a leading Occult Science consultant, who dreams of an India wherein every individual is happy and content. In the process, he has been helping people around with his profound guidance and ensuring complete satisfaction.

A follower of Karma, he firmly believes that we should try doing everything as our Vedas say, and leave the rest to the Almighty. With a bigger role of spreading his knowledge in each household, he formed All India Institute of Occult Science that has been working towards spreading knowledge in the field of Occult Science, and True VASTUTM that works towards providing correct guidance to all through his teaching and Consultancy.



Vastu, the science of architecture, holds utmost importance in our day-to- day life.

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The study of planetary positions and its motion to interpret an individual's life path,

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Numerology meanings seem to have found their beginnings with Pythagoras,

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Palmistry, the practice of foretelling the future through the study of palm.

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It is my great pleasure to recommend Mr. Kashyap Ji. I first came to know him through family recommendation . Very good knowledge about astrology, Vastu & has a deep and detailed knowledge of his subject. He is consistent, reliable and accurate. I am very satisfied to know certain things about myself very clearly helping me to take my future steps, accordingly. I would like others to also consult him to get a clear picture and get rid of false hopes. Thank you for everything!

Chainika Sachdeva
New Jersey, USA

A dream I always waited and worked for: Many times in past I came very close to the opportunity to Travel abroad and felt that it has finally worked for me but unfortunately at the last moment it stuck with some obstacles and nothing worked for me. Last year, through a family member I met with Indrrajeet G for the first time and I discussed this with him, Indrrajeet G discussed and suggest few practises to overcome the obstacles which were restricting this to happen. I came back and started practising the suggested solutions, a few days later again the some opportunity rose in my way and with all the disappointments from past I took it as it came without any hopes and excitement, but to my surprise everything fall in right place this time and at very right moments. Off course it was the result of practises I was doing on suggestion of Indrrajeet G, I can't thanks him enough in words for his guidance and support to me to finally make it work for me in life. Indrajeet is very transparent and trustworthy teacher to share the roadblocks of life and he works very closely with care to everyone. I also feel a presence of a spiritual mentor by him being around.

Erlangen, Nuremberg Area, Germany

Vastu consultancy services provided by you at our Hotel "Hotel Clarks International" Baddi, Distt. Solan, Himachal pradesh on 23rd September 2016. Following your advice/ recommendations we made the necessary modifications in the Building. Within a span of 3-4 months we have seen as marked increase in our Occupancy rate & improvement in our Restaurant sales & Franchise Outlets. Our Business has increased by almost 25% & we are getting an encouraging response from our clients/patrons. On behalf of management of our Hotel, I thank you for your valuable guidance with regard to rectification of vastu Dosh of our property.

Himachal Pradesh, India

Respected sir,

This is to inform you that we are very satisfied with the consultancy of vastu you provided to us for building up a factory in sikandrabad (UP). Everytime you visited the factory , you come up with the solution where to place all the things such as machines, office, shed , toilets, main gate entry, gensets, boring, storage room, etc. As everybody thinks it is difficult to build perfectly according to vastu, but this time we realise it is possible to construct a building according to vastu if it is build right from the beginning as per vastu. It was a great support from you. The drawings of the plot with directions and angles, helped us to construct each thing at its perfect place. Thanks a lot and we really appreciate your support a lot.

Vinod Aggarwal
Sikandrabad, India

I have taken astrology consultation from Indrrajeet Sir and I was completely satisfied. The solutions he has given me, started making little changes in my life. He detected problems that no one ever could. I am really thankful to him.

Kirti Arora
Delhi, India

My association with Indrrajeet Sir dates back to 2012 when I was looking for guidance in my life and he enlightened me a lot on many aspects. The best thing about Sir is that he never goes beyond or against God, and all his advice revolves around the Almighty. He prescribes what to pray, how to pray and when to pray. And very precise about methods and procedures to be carried out besides Muhurat (auspicious time) of starting; which in the end inevitably brings favourable results. Sir can never be God, but surely chosen by Almighty to help His pupil. Sir, goes deep down into every facet of the problem faced by his client and it appears that he tries to solve it as it is, his own. So, we get a feeling of honesty and belongingness in his actions. Long live Sir so that he can guide people who seek his advice because the command and depth of knowledge he has along with humbleness, makes him accessible to the distressed.

Sumit Kumar
New Delhi, India